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Pac-12 the good, the bad and the unknown week five: Stanford building a monster

Stanford continues to roll while Arizona State saved themselves in the South.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Good

Stanford - The Cardinal just keep looking better and better. Kevin Hogan is playing the best ball of his career, Christian McCaffrey is becoming a star, the veteran offensive line looks to be finally fulfilling its potential and the defense is looking better every week. This looks to be the most complete team in the Pac-12 right now.

Kevin Hogan - Hogan might officially have become that quarterback that everyone has always wanted him to be and that is not good news for the rest of the Pac-12.

Arizona State & Todd Graham - The Sun Devils had their backs against the wall and Graham and staff was able to put together a tough performance on the road to salvage their South hopes with tight defense, a tough ground game and efficient play. Don't bury this team yet.

South race - Utah is alone as the only undefeated South team now, but I have a feeling they will be right back with the pack soon and we are in for another great race for the South crown that comes down to the last week with 3-4 teams competing.

Oregon's run game - The Ducks did what they did to bounce back last year against UCLA to bounce back against Colorado... pounding the ball on the ground. The Ducks still have the talent and experience on the offensive line and at running back to beat Pac-12 teams by just running it down their throats and avoided an utter disaster of an upset in Boulder.

Jared Goff - Goff looks like a Heisman candidate to me as long as the Bears keep winning and they would not be winning without him. He might be the most valuable player to any team in the Pac-12 this year.

The Bad

Oregon's quarterbacks - I hate to criticize college players, but I am pretty astounded with how bad Oregon's quarterbacks look, especially when facing an opponent like Colorado. It is shocking that a program like Oregon was able to recruit and develop better quarterbacks than what they have. They are going to have a very tough time beating solid Pac-12 teams if this position doesn't get better.

Arizona - The Wildcats are pretty much the first team that came into the season with Pac-12 title (or at least division title) hopes to pretty much officially be buried. They are not the same team on offense with Anu Solomon and their defense can't hold up if their offense isn't controlling the game and really misses Scooby Wright.

Arizona's QB situation - The Wildcats are going to have trouble making a bowl game if they can't get Anu Solomon back and healthy. Like Oregon, their entire team is hurt if they aren't getting good play from their man under center.

Only four Pac-12 games this week - Simply not enough.

The Unknown

UCLA - This program is skilled at letting you down just when you get on board with them. The Bruins once again look like a program that will perpetually be pretty good, but never make that next step. Is this still a team that  still just doesn't quite have that edge? And have injuries finally caught up to them?

Oregon - The Ducks got a win and averted disaster, but there was no way of watching that win without thinking that they were incredibly lucky that got Colorado Saturday and not someone else in the Pac-12. Are the Ducks working their way back into things or are they officially a middle-of-the-road Pac-12 team for the time being?

Vernon Adams - Adams doesn't look like he will be a savior for the Ducks, but I think he has to be better than their other options. When will he be back?

Cal - The Bears are 5-0, but it just doesn't really feel like a true 5-0 as they had a sluggish win for the third-straight week against a questionable opponent. Are the Bears really a team ready to compete in the North or have they just squeezed out some sloppy wins against bad teams early in their schedule?

Playoff contenders - Pac-12 Playoff contenders are starting to drop like flies. Are Utah, Stanford and USC the only true ones left? Sorry Cal, see above.