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Pacific Takes Pac-12-focused Top 25 10/5: Utah up to number two

Five Pac-12 teams make the Top 25.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

1. Ohio State 5-0

2. Utah 4-0

Are the Utes the second-best team in the country? I don't really know, but this is where they deserve to be for now. Also, a lot of the other teams around them in the Top 10-15 haven't been playing that well, so there aren't a whole lot of teams that deserve to be ahead of them anyways.

3. Baylor 4-0

4. TCU 5-0

5. Oklahoma 4-0

6. LSU 4-0

7. Northwestern 5-0

8. Clemson 4-0

9. Florida 5-0

10. Stanford 4-1

That loss at Northwestern doesn't look too bad right now and not many teams have looked better the past few weeks than Stanford. I put them ahead of some undefeated teams who haven't impressed as much as them.

11. Michigan State 5-0

12. Texas A&M 5-0

13. Florida State 4-0

14. Mississippi 4-1

15. Alabama 4-1

16. USC 3-1

USC is lurking back in the pack with a great chance to get into the Playoff race if they can keep winning. The Trojans might be the most dangerous team in the Pac-12 if they can put it all together.

17. Michigan 4-1

18. Oklahoma State 5-0

19. Iowa 5-0

20. UCLA 4-1

The Bruins proved that they are still the Bruins by losing to Arizona State at home. They are a very talented team that just doesn't ever quite live up to its potential.

21. Georgia 4-1

22. Notre Dame 4-1

23. Cal 5-0

The Bears are a shaky 5-0, but they are 5-0 and deserve to be ranked. They will need to pull off a huge win at Utah this Saturday if they hope to maintain that though.

24. Duke 4-1

25. Houston 4-0