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2016 C Sam Timmins commits to Washington

There's not a ton of information on the big man from New Zealand.

It's not often that you hear of a college basketball team signing a player from Oceania, but when it does happen (Luc Longley, Andrew Bogut), it's almost always a big man. Such is the case with Sam Timmins, the New Zealand center who committed to Washington Monday afternoon, per the Tacoma News-Tribune.

There isn't a ton of information or video on Timmins, who graduates high school this November (as is customary in New Zealand), but still won't ready to play for UW until next season. Lorenzo Romar is very high on the Kiwi, though, saying the following to the News-Tribune, "[Timmins] is a really good passer. He can score it on the block. He's not extremely athletic, but yet he's a good shot blocker because he has long arms."

Below is a video of Timmins from the 2014 Oceania Basketball Final. He is #15 in black.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>