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Pac-12 bowl projections 11/30: 10 Pac-12 teams officially going bowling

Almost the entire Pac-12 will play in a bowl game.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rose Bowl - Stanford vs. Ohio State - It is as simple  as Stanford beating USC in the Pac-12 Championship Game to get to the Rose Bowl. They have an outside shot at getting into one of the Playoff bowls, but I don't they will get enough breaks to sneak in.

Alamo Bowl - Oregon vs. TCU - The Ducks will be one of the most-attractive programs out there that doesn't make a New Year's bowl so the Alamo Bowl will scoop them up and pit them against a very good Big 12 team.

Holiday Bowl - Utah vs. Wisconsin - The Utes actually should catch a break with the LA schools each adding another loss in the final two weeks and with USC having played in the Holiday Bowl last year. The Holiday Bowl might take a three-loss Utah team over a five-loss USC team who they hosted last year.

Foster Farm's Bowl - USC vs. Penn State - USC will land in Northern California after losing in the championship game if the Holiday Bowl passes on them.

Sun Bowl - Washington State vs. Duke - The Cougars have had a breakout season and El Paso will be the best bowl they have gone to in well over 10 years.

Las Vegas Bowl - UCLA vs. San Diego State - I think the Las Vegas Bowl would love this southern California showdown.

Cactus Bowl - Arizona State vs. Kansas State - This is one reason why I kind of don't like bowls not having to take the next slotted team because Cal deserves to be hear but Arizona State will get the hometown pull.

Poinsettia Bowl - Cal vs. Boise State - I think the Poinsettia Bowl would love to pit a Pac-12 team against Boise State and they would choose a seven-win Cal team over setting up a Washington/Boise State rematch.

Heart of Dallas Bowl - Washington vs. Louisiana Tech - Washington will take the Big 12's slot here in a very random bowl matchup.

Arizona Bowl - Arizona vs. Colorado State - I think the Arizona Bowl would love to take the hometown team if they can get them.